Equine balneotherapy at the forefront of technology

To cure or prevent, repair or prepare, solve a weight or mental overload…
… From fitness to simple relaxation, each treatment protocol is based on the customer’s demand and the expertise of the team of Malleret, in consultation with the trainer, owner and veterinarian if necessary.


The owners are involved in the development of treatment protocols, protocols which duration can vary from one week to a month or more. By appointment only, the Malleret equine therapy centre may occasionally welcome other horses for a short time a treatment.
To remain beneficial over the long term, a cure becomes effective from three weeks onwards at the spa centre.

This extreme attention to horses’ comfort is an essential luxury for their complete relaxation through music therapy and ensure maximum effectiveness of a balneo-therapy.

The whole team, five grooms and a farrier, is dedicated to the welfare of each horse. And, whether it is preventive or curative treatment, the results are spectacular and measurable:

A horse stopped, traumatized by an accident or by the stress of a high-level competition benefit here of a more rapid and effective recovery of about 60% through regular meetings.

A mild laminitis can be resolved in only one Spa CET session instead of irreparably worsening.