Service excellence and exclusive attention to these special horses is the distinctive sign of this place, major project conceived in every detail by Gerald Martinez. A passionate man who had always lived with horses.
Very young, he attended after gallopers and after an academic training, he specialized in the showjumping before finding its fulfillment in bullfighting on horseback and had a distinguished career as an arena Rejoneador.
A passion and expertise he brings today to the service of those destined for the balneotherapy of Malleret.

Horses have given me so much in my career that to care for them seems to be a fair return.
Today we ask 120% of the capacity of our sport horses, of course they should be treated as real top athletes, equal to humans. These methods of care, which are ancestral, become imperative to their program to accompany them in their sporting career.
The Haras de Malleret is for these horses a privileged place, with a long equestrian history, with upscaled amenities and a team which share with me the love of rare horses of character.

General manager