spa équin cet

Equine SPA CET

Ultra-sophisticated equipment, based on saline water (3 ° to 4 ° degrees) and air oxygenation from the floor,
the Equine SPA CET is a passive machine adapted to curative and preventive care.

Before and after the effort, the Equine Spa CET relaxes and tones the soft tissues.
It is strongly advised to horses to decrease inflammation and acute flare-ups of osteoarthritis.
Oxygenation and salt intake affect the reduction of oedema (soft tissue defects, tissue inflammation), limit the bleeding and soothe the burns.

Done within 24 to 72 hours, a ten minute session in an extremely cold water is often enough to relieve trauma: strain, tendonitis, laminitis…

The water is filtered after each session to avoid the risk of bacterial infection (high-end hardware – Irish manufacturing range).

• Post-operative care
• Muscle Strains, Tendonitis
• Laminitis
• Inflammation of the tissues, osteoarthritis
• Tightening of tissue
• Precocious weight bearing after a bone problem
• Analgesic action and reduction of oedema