A protective and protected environment

Horse of top breeding lineage, champion or stallion, anxious or bruised horse, prize winning or popular horse…
The Haras de Malleret has opened a very unique equine therapy centre in Europe, dedicated to the preparation, recovery and fitness of exceptional horses.

Since the eighteenth century, the Château de Malleret has always been linked to horses: the vineyard was once home to an internationally renowned stud who raised racehorses such as The Sorellina (Price of Diane and Price of the Arc de Triomphe in 1953 ) or Val de Loir (winner of the Jockey Club at Chantilly in 1962). Every year in June, In St. Cloud, the Prix de Malleret commemorates this equestrian epic period.

The Haras de Malleret is reborn and returns to excellence through the breeding of classic dressage horses, and with the brand new creation of its equine spa centre that unites pure equestrian tradition to the most advanced technology.
Beyond the impressive beauty framework that serves as the setting and integrates equipment of extreme sophistication, the priority here is the quality of life and well-being of the horses.

At Malleret, the spa has a rule: only accommodate seven residents at a time, to give the best care to each horse.

Located between a very large area of vineyards and woodlands, the park of the Malleret estate enjoys absolute tranquillity.
It was designed by the elite of the Second Empire landscape architects, Armand Joseph-Ivoy and Bülher brothers. It is a true natural library where majestic and rare 150 years old specimens meet today: Elegant liquidambars, giant sequoia, ginkgo biloba, Lebanese cedars, unbarked cork oaks, magnolias…

In this haven of calm and cool, five paddocks under surveillance allow the convalescent horse to romp about:
in the green, step by step in the first two, while the other larger three, allows the horse to move again and to liberate themselves gradually.
Extensive meadows (5000 m2) with elegant wooden fences allow horses to enjoy the mild climate of Bordeaux.

The suspended automatic walker is extremely quiet and is completely in the spirit of the place. Six horses can walk at variable speed on dry soil (sand Toubin – Clement of the Prosol range).