aquatrainer hydrozone

The Aquatrainer Hydrozone

The Aquatrainer Hydrozone is one of the few devices that can offer the benefits of combined water walker, swimming lane and swimming pool, with a scalable carpet.
It differs from all other aquatrainers by a very significant modularity depending on the desired work with a possibility of 100% lift.

The horse is immersed in freshwater with thermo-regulated temperature, which ranges from 16 degrees in winter to 22 degrees in the summer according to temperature differences.
The water is completely filtered and ozonised after each bath to ensure the absence of bacteria in this very high-end Teflon equipment, made in Germany.
The horse can be immersed to 100%.

When immersed up to the ischial tuberosity (otherwise said his upper chest), the buoyancy of the water reduces its weight by up to 75%. A session of 15 to 20 minutes in the basin is equivalent to 3 hours of intensive work (preparation session) on the flat, without its disadvantages.

Massage nozzles directed at the horse’s chest produce the same effect as swimming against the tide without the inconvenient the horse hollowing its back as it would in the pool. The adjustable jets allow an adjustable massage strength, directed to the desired parts: fetlocks, tendons, knees, shoulders or chest…

• Recovering from competitions
or intensive training
• Relaxation
• Prevention and care
• Muscular Preparation and bodybuilding
• Cardio training
• Postoperative or post-traumatic recovery
• Post-operative care
• Muscle Strains, tendonitis, laminitis
• Inflammation of the tissues, osteoarthritis
• Relaxation…